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NWA747 09-16-2020 10:09 PM

ELP spotting bulletin
Hello hope everyone’s doing well in the midst of the pandemic. And with a major update for any members who are ELP spotters or watchers. Especially those who are FedEx and or UPS spotters.

Due to the pandemic, and the resulting forced shift to online shopping, FedEx and UPS are expanding operations at the cargo ramp so ELP spotters could potentially see an uptick in FedEx and UPS arrivals and departures at El Paso International Airport. On top of expanding ops at ELP, UPS is anticipating hiring over 100000 seasonal workers in expectation of the coming exponential volume of online shipments this holiday season.

So for those of you here who are FedEx and or UPS spotters in El Paso dust off your cameras and be sure to grab extra film, or camera cards, because you’re cameras are going to need them. Happy spotting and stay safe! And dust off your jackets because fall is coming too!

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