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1/200, 1/72 and other scale models

I am focussing on my house colours in 1/400 and 1/200 and therefore sell the following models.
Unless stated in the description, all models and their box are in mint condition.
The models can be seen in Ottawa or Montreal. I can provide pictures
Prices are negotiable to a certain extent, particularly if picked. I am very open to local trades (and can be with trains or model cars)

I can ship at cost + paypal fee but beware that shipping costs outside Canada or USA are rather prohibitive, especially for the large models.

The best method for contact me is email [email protected]

Here is the list (also on the db https://www.wings900.com/modeldataba...e-13964.html):

Manufacturer Model Rego Airline Livery Manufacturer Ref # Year Price USD Note
Antonov AN-12 CCCP-11527 Aeroflot 1970s white colours Herpa 554329 2011 70 1/200 scale plastic with rolling gears & stand
Airbus A319-114 C-GBIP Air Canada 2000 Colours. with "Star Alliance" and "Kids Horizons" logos Gemini Jets G2ACA186 2010 80 1/200 scale, with stand.
Airbus A320-211 C-FDSN Air Canada Toronto Raptors colours Phoenix PH2ACA038 2008 80 1/200 scale, with rolling gears, limited to 500
Dornier D0-328 JET D-BADC ADAC 2000s yellow colours Herpa 551359 2006 60 1/200 scale, metal with stand
Boeing B777-228ER F-GSPX Air France 2009 new colours with Skyteam Socatec GJ G2AFR241 2011 160 1/200 scale, with rolling gears, limited, with new wood stand
Boeing B777-328ER F-GSQA Air France 2010 new colours with Skyteam Socatec GJ G2AFR283 2011 160 1/200 scale, with rolling gears, limited, with new wood stand
Boeing B777-328ER F-GSQK Air France 2009 new colours Socatec Hogan HG2773G 2011 60 1/200 scale, Third version. With updated registration, with rubber gears & stand. Has reattached engine
Lockheed L-1049G-82-98 Super Constellation F-BHBD Air France 1950s colours white Hobby Master HL9004 2012 90 1/200 scale, with stand, 1 of 500
Sud Aviation Se 210 caravelle III F-BHRF Air France 1950s colors Model Power MP-5825 2008 25 1/250 scale, with gears & stand.
Vickers Viscount 700 G-ATDU Air France 1950s colors Hobby Master HL3004 2010 75 1/200 scale, limited series about 500, with stand
North American Aviation T6-G Texan 114-440 Armée de l'Air EALA 13/72 yellow with shark mouth Hobby Master HA1505 2009 60 1/72 scale, |297 of 1500 produced, Armee de l'Air Ain Oussera, (Algeria), 1961, with stand
Dassault Mirage IIIE 2-LG Armée de l'Air 2e Escadre de chasse EC 3/2 Alsace, 1965 Ixo M0787 35 1/72 scale, with booklet
Vought F4U-7 Corsair 14.F.9 Armée de l'Air SPEC-CAST AA47519 1999 80 1/48 scale, 1 of 564 produced, nice packaging - Suez in November of 1956
Dassault Mirage 2000 2000-01 Armée de l'Air Dassault's Paris Air show colours Hobby Master HA1605 2008 100 1/72 scale, 1 of 1500 produced, with stand
Dassault Mirage 2000C 12-YL Armée de l'Air NATO 'Tiger Meet' 2003 colours Hobby Master HA1603 2007 90 1/72 scale, #863 of 1800 produced, with stand - "EC 01.012, Aerienne 103, Cambrai, France"
North American Super Sabre F-100D 54-2154/11-YK Armée de l'Air EC 4/11 Jura - Sharks of the Red Sea colours Hobby Master HA2106 2009 90 1/72 scale, 1 of 1500 produced, with stand, Air Base 188, Djibouti, 1978, box a bit crushed
Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver White 3F3 Armée de l'Air Aeronavale Esc. 3F, Arromanches, Indochina, 1954 Hobby Master HA2204 2009 70 1/72 scale,limited, with stand - damaged box
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat Blue 1F7 Armée de l'Air 1F (Flottille-squadron), Indochina, 1953 Hobby Master HA1103 2007 70 1/72 scale,limited to 1800, with stand
Vought F-8E Crusader 35 (cn 1252) Armée de l'Air Aeronavale Flotille 12F carrier Clemenceau, 1999" Century Wings 901379 2011 130 1/72 scale, number 1411 of 1500, with stand
Vickers-Armstrongs VC10-1151 G-ASGN BOAC 1970s colours MAM 150 1/200 scale, repaired front LG, originale withe box
Boeing B727-200 N1787B Boeing Aircraft Cie 1960s House red colours Flight Miniatures 5500500-30024 2008 20 1/200 scale, with stand
Bombardier B-415 Bombardier 2000 house colours 2008 35 1/100 scale, with stand
Bombardier DHC-8Q-402 N535DS Bombardier Aerospace 2000 Bombardier / SAS hybrid Jet-X JETL166 2008 60 1/200 scale, limited, from JP Chicken Works, rolling gear
Curtiss C-46 N1383N Braniff Airways "1950s" Colors. With Polished Fuselage Western WEN138N 2013 90 1/200 scale, limited 400
Dornier D0-328 JET OY-NCM British Airways - Sun Air of Scandinavia 2000s Union Jack colours Herpa 552035 2007 60 1/200 scale, metal with stand
Boeing B757-236WL G-BPEK British Airways 2000s Union Jack colours with Open Skies titles Gemini Jets G2BAW052 2008 90 1/200 scale, limited 750 winglets, metal with stand
De Havilland DHC-8-102 C-GZKH Canadian North 2000s full colours JC Wings JC2MPE015 2009 60 1/200 scale, with rolling wheels.
Boeing B737-924ERWL N75436 Continental Airlines "75th Anniversary" retro colours Aero Le Plane 2CO03 2010 80 1/200 scale, with rolling wheels, with additional wing detail & stand. Limited to 100
Airbus A330-343 F-HSKY Corsair 2012 - wings colours skymarks FHSKY 2013 30 1/200 scale, inflight sale onboard same aiprlane by Fish
Boeing B727-046 G-BAFZ Dan-Air London 1970s red colours Skyline Models 200 1/200 scale, with original box, tires need replacement
Boeing B727-095 N1633 Delta Widget - Bicentennial colours Gemini Jets G2DAL267 2012 120 1/200 scale, with rolling gears, antennas, 1 about 500 units
Boeing B757-225 N519EA Eastern 1970s - Hockey Stick on polished metal Schuco 3557224 2003 80 1/200 scale, with rolling wheels, with stand - Sample model???
Embraer ERJ-145 PT-ZJC Embraer 1990s house colours with super 83 titles Flight Miniatures EM-13500C-001 2006 30 1/100 scale, with stand
Amstrong Whitworth AW-650 Argosy VH-IPA IPEC Air freight 1970s yellow colours Aviation 200 AV2ARG002 2011 80 1/200 scale, with rolling gears
Boeing B727-046 JA8307 JAL 1960s colours with polished belly Jet-X JXL169 2011 120 1/200 scale, with original box, named Tone
Boeing B747-346 JA8184 Resocha JAL Phoenix PH3JAL002 2003 60 1/300 scale, with rolling gears, steerable FLG, limited 600
Mitsubishi XF-2A 63-8501 Japan Air Self Defense Force White and red colours Hobby Master HA2704 2010 90 1/72 scale LG fragile & repaired, "c/n 1001, TRDI & ADTW, December 1997". Nickname "Viper Zero"
Kawasaki C-1 FTB 28-1001 Japan Air Self Defense Force Bare metal colours Gemini Jets G2JSD319 2012 100 1/200 scale, with rolling gears, limited to about 500
Boeing B737-8K2WL PH-BXA KLM 1950s retro colours Gemini Jets G2KLM091 2009 90 1/200 scale, with stand & rolling gears, limited to 750
Boeing B747-212B NA Nationair 1990s colours Flight Miniatures BO-74710I-009 1990 25 1/250 scale, with stand. Vintage Long Prosper
Boeing B 377 Stratocruiser N1022V Pan Ammerican World Airways Delivery colors (polished metal) Hobby Master HL4001 2010 70 1/200 scale, Named "Clipper Nightingale". "October 24, 1950, limited series about 500, with stand
Sukhoi SU-27UBK Flanker 30028 PLAAF PLAAF 2nd Div, 6th Rgt, "Black 28" colours Gaincorp 8019 2004 90 1/72 scale, Twin seat, Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force, Suixi AB, Guangzhou Region, China, 2002
Boeing B747SP-38 VH-EAA Qantas 1970s red colours with SP Australia titles and polished belly Inflight IF747SP001 2011 150 1/200 scale, with rolling gear - GREAT!!!
BAC TSR-2 Proptotype XR219 RAF White antiradiation colours Corgi AA38601 2010 160 1/72 scale, #3986 of 4500, 27 september 1964
North American Aviation P-51D Mustang AC9274 RCAF 402 City of Winnipeg Sqn., RCAF 1950s. Hobby Master HA7707 2010 50 1/48 scale,limited, with stand and bombs, damaged box
Canadair CF-104 Starfighter 12701 RCAF Chrome finish with Maple leaf Hobby Master HA1011 2008 80 1/72 scale, 1 of 1000 produced, with stand
Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk.5 23353 RCAF Golden Hawks Aerobatic Team colours, CFB Chatham, New Brunswick, 1959 Corgi AA35806 2006 100 1/72 scale, # 871 of 2180, with display stand and card
Consolidated Aircraft Catalina Mk IVA JX580 RCAF No.117 Squadron, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1942 Corgi AA36107 2008 200 1/72 scale, # 766 of 1100, with display stand and card
Westland Wessex HAS.3 XP142 Royal Navy Grey colours Corgi AA37602 2007 50 1/72 scale, 1 of 2610 produced, with stand - Named "Humphrey". "HMS Antrim, South Atlantic, May 1982"
Beriev A-50M Mainstay 51 Russian Air Force Grey and white colours Gaincorp GC-A50A 2011 250 1/130 scale, with metal stand, 2457th SDRLO "Red 51", Ivanovo Severny AB, Russia, 2007
Mikoyan MIG-29 Fulcrum 44 Russian Air Force Grey colours with red star Witty Wing Sky Guardians WTW-72-019-005 70 1/72 scale, with stand
Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut 1 Russian Air Force Black colours Experimental Fighter Gaincorp 8018 2004 200 1/72 scale, with metal stand, “Golden Eagle” - this is the first release, not the 2011 one.
Bombardier DHC-8Q-402 ZS-NMO South African Express 1997 colours Jet-X JETL119A 2008 60 1/200 scale, limited, from JP Chicken Works, rolling gear
Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker 598 Sukhoi First flight colors Witty Wing Sky Guardians WTW-72-014-006 60 1/72 scale, Russian test pilot
Tupolev TU-95 Bear 39 Soviet Air Force Grey fuselage with red star Western Models CBU-20 350 1/200 scale, original box, repared fueling probe, wheatered, painted propelers (yelow tip)
Douglas DC-9-32 VH-TJL Trans Australia Airlines 1960s Coral Islander colours JC Wings JC2040 2009 100 1/200 scale, with rolling gears
Boeing B727-276 Adv VH-TBK Trans Australian Airlines 1980s Ayers Rock livery, Central Australian titles JC Wings JC2TAA079 2010 120 1/200 scale, limited, rolling wheels - slightly damaged bbox cover
Airbus A321-211 N193UW US Airways 2000s colours with star alliance logo Gemini Jets G2USA056 2009 70 1/200 scale, with stand - box in 5/10 max
Boeing B757-23NWL N204UW US Airways 2000s colours with star alliance logo Gemini Jets G2USA025 2008 70 1/200 scale, limited to 750 with stand - box in 5/10 max
De Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter N70465 USAF 2000s colours 150 1/48 scale, unique wood model with stand and propellers
Lockheed / Boeing F22 Raptor 72021 USAF 27th FS, Langley AFB Gaincorp WA72021 2010 120 1/72 scale, USAF 1st FW, 27th FS, Langley AFB, VA, 2006
North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie 20001 USAF AV-1, Test Flight Dragon Wings 52003 2012 25 1/200 scale DAMAGED, with stand
McDonnell Douglas F16E Eagle AF 78-100 USAF Edwards test center red colours Witty Wing Sky Guardians WTW-72-011-001 70 1/72 scale, Twin seat, with display stand
Northrop YB-49 USAF Flying wing with metallic skin Dragon Wings 52012 2011 40 1/200 scale, with rolling gears , with stand.
Boeing F/A-18E AC401 USN "VFA-105" "Gunslingers" Hi-vis markings Hogan HG6283 2010 50 1/200 scale, USN CVW-3, NAS Oceana, AC 401 Bureau #166651 - Gift from Takehiko Maki
Boeing B737-8CTWL C-GZWS WestJet 2000s colours Gemini Jets G2WJA089 2009 100 1/200 scale, with rolling gears, antennas, 500 units?
Cessna Skyhawk 172L N7904G Private owner Chrome plated colours Herpa 19231 60 1/87 scale, with cardboard apron
My collection & CBL Itnl.
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