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Budgie 07-21-2017 07:47 PM

Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project

Hello all!

As much as I love my Oxholm project, I felt it was time for something a little different. The Heathrow-like project makes me feel like I can't play with schedules and airlines too much in the name of realism.

So I decided to create a second airport and not keep to the realism quite as much. I had been through Glasgow airport twice last summer and thought it would be an interesting project: a fair amount of big planes (Emirates, Virgin, Thomas Cook) and plenty of narrowbody traffic from the UK and rest of Europe, including plenty of low cost and regional airlines that we wouldn't see at Oxholm.

I had leftover boards from Oxholm's first version, and plenty of Herpa buildings, but I augmented those with some custom-built plasticard ones. I even experimented with detailing on the roof, which I will be adding to Oxholm's buildings soon enough. The smaller board size means that the GSE I own goes much further. In fact, the airport looks incredibly busy compared to shots of my other project.

I posted some WIP shots on my main thread, but I'll repeat them here for history's sake, and then share the first operational update shortly!

First layout shot. On the right are 5 widebody stands. The centre building has 9 narrowbody stands, or 7 narrowbody and 1 medium-sized stand (meant for a 767). The far left has two stands adjacent to the building, and a further two more that are currently unmarked.

Detail on the runway section. The numbers are true to Glasgow's single runway, and the runway has two hold points to make up for me forgetting to add a fast-exit taxiway.

The card buildings I had finished at the time, pretty unadorned.

Stay tuned, in a few minutes I'll add the first mostly finished update!

Budgie 07-21-2017 08:02 PM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Time for the first update!

No time to think up a story for these this time, but I promise the next one will have a bit more narration.


Two remote stands, GSE boneyard and temporary fire station, and low-cost airline extension. This region of the airport is most likely to be changed up until I'm happy with the layout.

Centre Concourse C. This region will gain some more jetways as I can buy them, especially on the two gates on the end of the triangular section. This building primarily serves British Airways and Flybe (when I get my hands on some Flybe models)

From the front.

Focusing on the airport's sign.

Aircraft on this side are served by a staircase, walkway and airstairs.

The six widebody gates of Concourse B. More markings need to be added to the ground here.

From this angle, each gate's RBS advertising is more visible.

The whole thing again. I'm particularly proud of the tyre marks on the runway in the bottom left corner, just before the aiming points.

I hope you enjoyed this first look! Working on this made me realise how difficult it'll be to complete the traffic for this diorama. I'll have plenty of fun hunting down Ryanair 737s and Flybe Q400s, and I will likely be seeking an easyJet custom or two, but I think the final product will look really cool, and certainly different from the giant aircraft so commonly seen at Oxholm.

Please add any comments or questions and Ill answer as soon as I can!

ThomsonAirways737 07-22-2017 06:11 AM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Fantastic layout. Love the worn effect.

LeoMuse747 07-22-2017 09:01 AM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Indeed wonderful layout! The worn effect on taxiways is great :clap:
How did you do that effect? I've heard of people rubbing coal... would that work?
I guess it would go away when cleaning the diorama (I always clean mine with a cloth because of the dust).

DutchCollector 07-22-2017 10:43 AM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
A nice complimentary airport to your other diorama. Like you said, the flexibility of this airport allows for some more diversity. However, don't feel pressured to keep Oxholm a 100% realistic, there are plenty of good fantasy airports (like Leo's, which he needs to update...). It's just a personal preference of mine to keep mine realistic. However, how realistic can it be without easyJet A320s..?

Now it's time to get your hands on a KLM 737-700/800/900!

LeoMuse747 07-22-2017 10:49 AM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project

Originally Posted by DutchCollector (Post 1026162)
(like Leo's, which he needs to update...).

It hopefully won't take long anymore, i've already moved the diorama outside my room for the refurbishing and have removed completely the old grass :lol:

DutchCollector 07-22-2017 10:54 AM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
On a careful 2nd look, I spot someone in the background! (2nd picture & last picture)


Originally Posted by LeoMuse747 (Post 1026186)
It won't take long anymore, i've already moved the diorama outside my room for the refurbishing and have removed completely the old grass :lol:

Looking forward to it!

Budgie 07-22-2017 02:38 PM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Here's another person hoping to see Snowflake updated! To answer your question, I used artist's charcoal. It comes in cylinders about 2cm in diameter. They lay down a lot of charcoal loosely on the surface, which I rub in with my fingers/a paper towel, then I wipe away the excess with the paper towel. Sometimes it takes a couple goes to make sure the marks stays, but then it doesn't come off unless you're really trying to wipe it off. To make sure it stays, I plan to spray the whole board with artist's fixative when I can get some.

I took these photos earlier in the day than I usually do, so people were wandering around the room. I unfortunately have to set up on the dining table, so my layouts never survive more than a couple hours.

Oxholm is kept realistic by my own personal preference too. I've learned a fair amount about movements at Heathrow because of it. At Glasgow, I plan to keep the feel of the airport right, but I won't hold myself so firmly to existing schedules. My inspirations will hopefully make some sense as stories appear in later updates.

As far as KLM goes, I have a 738 in my collection already, but she won't be appearing in Glasgow.. yet!

Charter 07-23-2017 08:01 AM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Great layout, compliments!!!
Positive rep added.

uncle beat 07-27-2017 04:47 PM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
I particularly love the roof details (HVAC, duct work, ventilation, etc.) and the high quality of the ground markings. By the way, I personally use a lead pencil (rubbed into the board with a paper towel) for the tire marks--it is always interesting to see what techniques other model makers use in making their dioramas--everything is tricky and takes on a whole other dimension when working in this tiny scale!

Budgie 10-12-2017 06:41 PM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project

..... and touchdown! A Norwegian 737-800 completes its journey from Oslo to Glasgow, a few minutes earlier than expected. Norwegian has been operating daily flights to both Oslo and Copenhagen for some time now, but is soon planning a big change in Scotland's second city.

It's about 11AM on an early October day. With the airline summer period coming to an end soon, Glasgow will stop seeing some daily visitors, like this United 757 bound for Newark. Changing wind conditions in winter means that 757s flying westbound over the Atlantic are sometimes forced to refuel at northern airports like Gander, eating into passenger satisfaction and profits alike.

At Glasgow's Concourse B, two more aircraft prepare for transatlantic flights. Like its competitor United, American Airlines operates a 757 on this long and thin route, flying daily between its hub at Philadelphia. Arriving before and leaving after the United plane, AA's flight sees a less hurried turnaround each day.

On the other side of the concourse, an all white A330 still operates on a leased basis for Thomas Cook while its branded A330s are in maintenance or serving out of Manchester. Today, ground crews prepare her for a flight to Orlando, full of Glaswegian school and tour groups looking for late summer theme park fun. On opposite days, the aircraft is used for flights to Las Vegas, serving a very different group of travellers.

Moving across the aisle, an A319 pushes back...

This Lufthansa A319 connects Glasgow with Frankfurt once per day, year-round. The German airline faces stiff competition on routes to Germany, battling it out with low-cost airlines like Ryanair.

KLM is a relatively new visitor to GLA, taking the route over from its subsidiary Transavia. KLM has taken over the twice daily flight to Amsterdam, leaving Transavia to fly once per day to Eindhoven.

Alongside, one of many daily flights to Glasgow from Gatwick in London sits through busy turnaround. But something more interesting is happening on the other side of Concourse C...

Following the success of the "Scottish Shuttle" morning 767 flights from Oxholm to Edinburgh, BA has committed a second 767-300 to fly every other morning to Glasgow. The aircraft is older than some of the A320-class planes seen on this route, and a lot of plane for the short route, but allows businessmen and women to reach the city by 8.00 AM before returning two hours later. Today, the plane was delayed by a technical issue, but finally pushes back to return home to Oxholm.

A wider shot of the same scene.

Across the other aisle, at Concourse D, low cost airlines come and go with quick turnarounds. We can see two Easyjet aircraft here (more on them in the notes later). The A320 in the foreground has closed its doors and prepares to push back for Jersey as soon as the 767 has cleared the lane. In the background, an A319 is cleaning up and unloading after arriving from Gatwick, a easyJet major location.


And now for some airport news:

Thanks for checking in on the Glasgow 1:500 thread! Its nice to set up an existing airport while I work on my Boston Logan airport. I hope you enjoy this most recent update.

A few notes on the stuff above:
You must have seen my blank A320 and A319 that I'm calling easyJet aircraft. The decals are on their way! Hopefully soon my first customs will be complete, filling a major gap in the 1:500 modelling world.

As soon as I get an actual Thomas Cook A330, that blank, old gear A333 will be repurposed. I'd like to try my hand at green planes and make an Aer Lingus A330 to be seen at BOS, as well as a 757 which I already have a donor for!

I'm really eager to get my hands on that new AA 757 in the current livery, whenever its released. With only a small handful of 757s in the legacy AA silver livery, I really want to get with the times. The AA livery doesn't seem impossible to do custom either, and as a much bigger fan of the new livery than the old, I won't have a problem repainting this one :lol:

Anyway, thanks again for checking this thread out! Please let me know what you think, and if I've made any grievous errors or impossibilities, let me know!

LeoMuse747 10-12-2017 10:30 PM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Really awesome, as always!
I didn't know that blank A330-300 was an OG model until you wrote it!
Some OG moulds are really good, and the A330 is very nice in my opinion. I thought it was NG! :envy:
Is it an ex-Air Canada model? I have to get some blank models too, they're really cool.

I'm glad you've explained about those EasyJet donors! They look like blind moles without their decals! :lol::lol::lol:
Hope that UA 757 get the UNITED decal soon! It's an amazing looking model and the best 757 mould in 1:500 in my opinion.
My UA 757 is awesome!

Budgie 10-28-2017 08:47 PM

Re: Glasgow Airport - A 1:500 Lookalike Project
Update coming up soon, but first I wanted to show some of the "new" arrivals at Glasgow. I got my decals in the mail recently, and had an interesting experience creating my first customs. I have to say that I was happy with the results - until I sprayed them with a clear top coat and accidentally blew off some of the A320's windshield :( Oh well, lesson learned for future customs!

The new arrivals, all old models given new life. I didn't care much for the models before this, but I'm happy with my "new" planes!

Who says Easyjet doesn't exist in 1:500 scale?! First up is an EasyJet A320. This is her better side, since the windshield on the other side got blasted off :( Donor model was originally an LTU bird.

This A319 has seen much better days. My cats got to it once, I think, and it lost part of its nose gear. But the decals came out okay, I think. Donor was the germanwings T-Com model

Next up is a WestJet 737-700, converted from a Southwest Maryland One. I really liked the model, but it was gathering dust on my shelf, not being used in any airport displays. So time for a change. I'm happy with this result too. She's missing her winglet decals, because they weren't sticking. I have some extras, so they'll be added ASAP, before I spray the final coat.

Draw Decal sent me two rescaled WestJet decal sets, so I used the second one, trimmed in the right places, to create this albino 737-500. This plane will likely be seen as a charter aircraft or taking up space in remote stands in my dioramas, but I think all-white planes carry a certain air of mystery, so I'm happy with this little guy.

I have one more custom in the works. I've done some painting on this one, and I quickly learned why airbrushes are so useful. So again this next one will mostly feature in the backgrounds of future updates, most likely in my Boston Logan thread, eventually. You'll see her eventually!

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