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MinnesotaGemini 12-21-2015 11:39 AM

Wanted Ps4 Game

As many of you know I live in the USA.
I have been a fan of Cricket for alon time and want to get this game.

I would trade alot of PS4 games for it.
I would buy it for 50$
It is not available in the US :(

Robin 12-21-2015 11:42 AM

Re: Wanted Ps4 Game
Why ask this here though?

Can't help you with it

MinnesotaGemini 12-21-2015 11:44 AM

Re: Wanted Ps4 Game
Because there are alot of UK viewers on this site.
The game is only avaliable in the UK.

Christigill 10-20-2020 05:54 PM

Re: Wanted Ps4 Game
I guess it works in US now.

Milarl 10-20-2020 06:00 PM

Re: Wanted Ps4 Game
Cricket is pretty interesting noble sport mostly loved by people from the UK. But I think it can be possible to play in the US as well by using VPN or something like that. You can have an UK ip address and to create and english account. Then you can easily download everything you want and play how you want. Personally, I used to play retro games like Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! or Super Mario. I was downloading them from a national website, but when I moved to another country because of work, I couldn't connect to it anymore. So I was needed to use always vpn.

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