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Muzz 08-17-2005 08:11 AM

What Music do you listen to?
I listen to a lot of 70's/80's/early 90's music. At the moment I'm listening to Duran Duran - Wild Boys. My favourite songs include:
  • Duran Duran - Hungry like the Wolf
  • Duran Duran - Rio
  • Duran Duran - Wild Boys
  • Go West - We close our eyes
  • Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen
  • MC Hammer - Hammer Time
  • Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy
  • Jamiroquai - Little L
Jamiroquai is indeed modern but he does 70's style music. There is a few other songs that I like a lot, but that's all I can think of for now. What music do you listen to?

arisa 08-25-2005 05:02 AM

I listen to Japanese popular songs(Japanese called the J-pop).

My favorites singers
Alisa Mizuki,Miki Nakatani,Tomomi Kahara,and Miho Nakayama.
*Sorry Japanese only

Digital 08-25-2005 07:12 PM

well lets see

These are the bands whose complete works I enjoy

Arcade Fire
Cash, Jonny
Death Cab
Die Sterne
Echo & the bunnymen
Joy Division
Modest Mouse
New Order
Olli Shultz
Sage Fancis
Sonic Youth
Tears for Fears
The Fall
The Smiths
The the
Tom Waits

Also listen to a bunch of neo British brit pop, not to big a fan of American Brit pop, but the Germans for some reason are doing a good job at it. The American indie rock scene is almost entirely composed of Brit pop, and psudo brit pop, so what happens here is mostly dissapointing and or boreing, I'd rather look to the origional, the germans have done a good job at evolving whats happening on the island and have managed to come up with some neat unique stuff, to bad nobody has heard about it or ever will.

Russian stuff is cool if you like schizophrenia. Japanese stuff is on the grow, i only know about Takashi Wada though. Some guitar bands there are cool.

Im also big into punk (70/80s punk not the queer 90s revival crap)

But Alive
Comintem sekt
Die Skeptiker
Die Kassierer
Dir Yassin
Operation Ivy

Then lots of deep 80s new wave no one has ever heard about so it wont help to mention them

These are just to name afew, i have over 1000 CDs and 500 reacords so its hard to come up with favorites.

You might ask, How does one nurture such an elaborite music collection, and still find the assets to tend to your Herpa collection? The anwser is i have trained myself not to need food. I live in a Giant bucket in the middle of the desert, and can manage to sustain myself off of 1 bowl of basmati rice, and a bottle of Heiniken per week.

luloudoodle 08-25-2005 11:51 PM

Digital by chance are you a Donnie Darko Fan?

My list looks like this:
AC/DC [never a bad song there]
The Animals [When I was Young, Don't Bring Me Down, Monterey, Sky Pilot, San Franciscan Nights, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, and House of the Rising Sun]
Cream [Sunshine of Your Love and White Room]
Eagles [Anything Eagles]
and of coarse the beatles [Anything Beatles]

I listen to other random songs from unkown groups like Booker T and the MG's (green onions). I also listen to a few hit songs like Steely Dan and the Stones.

I'm not picky with my music I listen to new music as well as long as it took some effort to make but I will never and I mean never listen to rap, R&B, and any pop, pop rock or anything like that as they are degrading and barbaric.

Juneau_Flyer_18 08-26-2005 12:16 AM

I listen to Mostly Country Music, And Some 80's Rock and Roll! But thats about it.

MD11Freighter 08-26-2005 12:21 AM

I listen to R&B, electronica/dance, I also like 70s, 80s, and 90s.

kardar757 08-26-2005 02:25 AM

Not sure what this has to do with aviation but...

Pearl Jam
Stone Temple Pilots
Alice In Chains
Days of the New
Smashing Pumpkins
Bob Marley
Motley Crue
Def Leppard
Poison name just a few!!!

aviatorboy 08-26-2005 11:56 AM

I listen to
Matchbox twenty "Mad Season"
Mathcbox twenty "Your more then you think you are"
Greenday "International Super Hits"
Greenday "American Idiot"
3 Doors Down "Away from the Sun"
My own Downloaded CD

mather 08-26-2005 12:41 PM

Anything but " RAP " !

Guess how old I am?:D


luloudoodle 08-26-2005 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by mather
Anything but " RAP " !

Amen Brother!!!

N521UP 08-26-2005 04:13 PM

I listen to Dance/ Techno....I'm a DJ and a 145 BPM song just puts me in my happy place

MD11Freighter 08-26-2005 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by luloudoodle
Amen Brother!!!

count me in too!!! It seems like all rap songs are the same everyone has a Bently and Drinks Kristal.

mather 08-26-2005 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by MD11Freighter
count me in too!!! It seems like all rap songs are the same everyone has a Bently and Drinks Kristal.

Just had a giggle at that, reminds me of country music and the truck, dog and divorce senerio :lol:


WN737 08-26-2005 07:26 PM

I kind of like all kinds of music, except rap.

TwoSevenLeft 08-26-2005 08:33 PM

I am a wedding Dj so I love just about everything from classic ballads of Frank Sinatra to hard stuff like Metalica, and butt grinding stuff like Nelly..

Songs/artists I do not like or am sickly tired of are
Billy Joel (esp. piano man I hate this song now)
Elton JOhn (esp SOmeone save mylife tonight)
Maroon Five
GOo Goo DOlls
A lot of white chick music (dido, Sheryl Crowe)
A lot of white guy music (Dave Matthews,Matchbox 20,3 doors down,Creed)
Super Tramp
Bozz Scaggs (Lido Shuffle)
Orleans (still the one)
I love Jimmy Buffet but the radio has killed Margaritaville
Paul Macartney (maybe I amazed)
Whitney Houston (uhhh where do I start??)
Barry WHite (radio has killed him too)

Half of my dislikes are due to the over playing of these artists on the radio.

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