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Swami8 07-08-2004 10:01 PM

Airport Tycoon 3 PC Game
Hi again everyone!

Has anyone here had the chance to play this latest version of the Airport Tycoon series? i was thinking of picking up a copy but wanted to ask around before spending my precious few extra dollars. Any reviews or help would be greatly appreciated!


luloudoodle 07-08-2004 10:52 PM

I have it.

Well its okay, still like the original, but its much better than the 2nd. I like it and find it pretty fun.

BTW your not the only one who has few dollars these days. This hobby is too expensive :mad:

Jetsetter 07-08-2004 11:38 PM

It's not worth it. I heard it was too slow and you have China Airlines 744's flying between Houston and Dallas.

waffle 07-08-2004 11:47 PM , is much better in my opinion then Airline 5, I can't wait until v6 comes out in a month or two.

Chrisvalla 07-09-2004 10:17 AM

:evil: After having wasted money on 1 and 2 they're not getting me a 3rd time. Their 'fixes' and 'updates' in 2 were a joke, the manual was lacking, the instructions were fuzzy and unclear... a very good example of a good game done wrong.

As cheeky as Airline Tycoon (and Evolution) were }) , they played better than either release of Airport Tycoon.

Swami8 07-09-2004 11:34 AM

Thanks for all of the input guys! Guess unless soeone drops this on my desk for free, I won't worry about purchasing it. What a shame, it's a such a great idea of a game for us "plane freaks" to play around with. :(

boeing 747 07-09-2004 12:44 PM

I've got that game and don't think its too bad! My only complaint is you are really limited as to where to locate your airport, and the contract offers are few and far between.

mather 07-09-2004 04:32 PM

Unlike Chris I did go ahead and buy version 3 and what a mistake .... it's crap!!!


Digital 07-10-2004 07:27 AM

Yea, i to bought this game and am hardcore dissapointed.

Looks cool, good concept, has airplanes.. for me that was all it took to pay the 35$. But after installing it and playing it for 5 minutes i wanted my money back.

The game has a very poor tutorial tells you nothing of what to do. Youll end up spending a half hour trying to make things work.
The game is slow and boring. once you have your airport up and running, its best just to keep it on fast forward and watch TV for about an hour. Remember to hit OK to the contracts which seem to be broken because negotiations do nothing.
The game also crashes on Febuary 12th 1985 nomater which game im on.
After the games scenery, which is the coolest part, becomes boring, its just a waiting game.

canadianbuff 07-16-2004 09:11 PM

I went out and picked up airport tycoon 3 and was really dissapointed about it. I didn't like how the runways in the game worked and the camera angles it gives you for viewing incoming and departing aircraft. I belive the first one is alot better then 2 and 3 even though the graphics are not the greatest.

scit106 07-16-2004 11:34 PM

i can only confirm what has already been said. the game is very poorly done. i think airport tycoon 1 was the best of them all.

seanfitzpatrick 07-17-2004 10:26 AM

Hi Guys: from the great folks down under will soon be releasing version 6 of airline. This promises to be an excellent simulation for those who want a real challenge. It's been completely re-writen with many new features. Also, it will be easier to obtain in North America :)


johnamaro 11-20-2021 09:59 AM

Re: Airport Tycoon 3 PC Game
I really want to play this airport tycoon 3 on pc but I don't how to play it on pc and after some time I found about bluestacks emulator and I first play this mini militia for pc

klm.b777 11-21-2021 08:16 AM

Re: Airport Tycoon 3 PC Game

Originally Posted by waffle (Post 117248) , is much better in my opinion then Airline 5, I can't wait until v6 comes out in a month or two.

Cant find any button to play on this website.??

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