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uncle beat 11-16-2019 09:40 AM

Important Qatar Airways Models Missing
Although the Qatar Airways brand is reasonably well-represented in the 1:500 scale, there are several extremely important airplanes that have not been produced. I wish that Herpa would acknowledge the need for completing the Qatari fleet, and produce both the A321 and 777-200 LR aircraft in the Qatar Airways livery. Also, a QR 320 with winglets in NC would be most welcome! I think all of these would be commercially successful 1:500 models for Herpa, and very well-received by collectors.
Come on collectors, weigh in on this, show your support, and demonstrate to Herpa the viability of variety and diversity beyond Emirates and Lufthansa models!!!

Wingslover 11-16-2019 02:19 PM

Re: Important Qatar Airways Models Missing
There are so many other missing important aircrafts in 1:500...

LeoMuse747 11-16-2019 02:48 PM

Re: Important Qatar Airways Models Missing
Middle East, Latin American and African narrowbodies are deeply neglected by Herpa, most of the times...
Actually, there are so many urgent gaps everywhere, but Herpa will still give us Emirates A380 instead!

DutchCollector 11-16-2019 03:02 PM

Re: Important Qatar Airways Models Missing
We heard you like carriers from exotic locations...

Have another coloured Emirates A380, you're welcome!

But I do get that EK pays a lot of royalty to sell so many models in their DXB stores..

Charter 11-16-2019 04:05 PM

Before A350 and B787 era, each time i went to FCO for spotting the Qatar Airways A330-300 was an highlight.
It is clear i prefer the A330-200 but about Qatar Airways the -300 version was amazing while climbing from 16R runway.
Of course Herpa never released it, if not for a couple of special liveries.
With the A330-300 i would like both the A320WL and A321WL, because of their elegance and beautiful livery.
I agree there are other gaps to fill and central-south America and Africa are forgotten, but even Middle East is lacking of narrowbodies in 1:500 scale.

Charter 11-17-2019 03:48 AM

I agree with Pete but i have also another consideration. In my opinion many iconic airlines of the present and of the past have iconic airplanes and these can't miss in 1:500 collection.
Examples are B747-400 for British Airways, A319 for easyJet, B737-800WL for Ryanair, A380 for Emirates, MD-80 for Alitalia, A330-300 for Qatar Airways, L-1011 for PanAm, TWA, Eastern...etc. etc.

uncle beat 11-18-2019 12:39 AM

Re: Important Qatar Airways Models Missing
I appreciate and give thanks for the responses from the loyal Wings900 followers--hopefully Herpa can give us a completed Qatar Airways fleet!
I will say what is pathetic, is that right now as I am writing this, there are 170 'guests' but only 3 members signed in/active on the forum. What this means is that interest in the hobby is definitely alive, which is a good thing, but the forum itself--which is such a vital link for our fellow collectors--won't be able to go on forever without people contributing to it. The more the merrier, additional ideas, comments, and general banter are all a good thing for this online format!


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