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N3424V 12-02-2016 01:22 PM

N3424V Collection Additions
Here's two more aircraft in this newbie's collection.

How can any airliner collection be complete without a DC-3? This is Gemini's Delta Airlines NC28341.

Plus another photoshop mis-mash of the model inserted into a 1950ish photo of Atlanta Airport's terminal.

For something on the other end of the scale here's Gemini's Antonov 124-100M. The vignette was inspired from a photo I came across on line of a vehicle leading the Big Bird along a taxiway.

And a photoshop combo try:

Looking at the model, now that I'm learning a bit more about 1/400 scale collecting, I might have chosen a different manufacturer who's model didn't show such a wide gap around the wings.

I'm not always the fastest guy around, but I'll catch on.


Juneau_Flyer_18 12-03-2016 10:13 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Great shots.

As for the gaps in the wings, you'll learn which molds are like that and which are not. Its not manufacturer specific. Every company has amazing molds that blow everything else out of the water, and yet they still have that one mold that is total crap. For example, I love the engine and wing detail on the 1/400 scale Herpa 737's. However, the nose of those is horrible. But I can live with it. It's all about what you can live with as a collector.

Thanks for sharing.

N3424V 12-03-2016 10:43 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions

Thanks for you kind comment and tip. As I said, I'm learning. In many ways this collecting segment of an aviation hobby is similar to that of the kit builders. Kit builders run into the same kind of troubles when comparing kits of the same a/c from different manufacturers.

Here's another addition to the collection. This is a Dragonwings Air Canada A340-300.

While I understand the A340 had its detractors and the B777 ended its use, I believe proportionally the -300 is well balanced, especially for a wide-body, and "looks like an airliner should."

Again, I imagine that some my find the jetway coming from nowhere somewhat awkward, but it would block a nose view.

The mis-mash shows the model arriving at a Toronto gate. Before I retired I used to do these kind of photo combos as part of my job. Finding good photos of appropriate terminals at close to a useable angle isn't as easy as I thought.

All comments are welcome.


Juneau_Flyer_18 12-03-2016 05:06 PM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Great stuff. I don't mind the jetway from no where. Dragon Wings makes a great MD-80. Track one of those down, you wont be sorry.

Thanks for sharing

N3424V 12-13-2016 12:58 PM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Here are a couple more.

Dragon Wings TWA Constellation 1049G:

And a mish-mash:

And Gemini's Henson/Piedmont Dash 8 100. I've probably flown on this bird in times past.

The mish-mash:

Questions and comments welcome.

Juneau_Flyer_18 12-13-2016 02:06 PM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Great photos. Good looking models.

Thanks for sharing

N3424V 03-27-2017 10:09 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Here's some shots of recent additions. These are only "reference" shots of the models, I follow with new vignettes and combo "live" shots later.

I've concentrated on acquiring at least one representative model of Boeing airliners.

All models are from Gemini Jets.

TWA B720-320B N793TW

Finding models of US-based B707s isn't easy. (Maybe I'm being too picky)

PAN AM B727-200 N365PA Clipper Peerless

PAN AM B737-200 N67AF Clipper Tempelhof

ALASKA AIRLINES B737-900ER N247AK (Love this bird. Seems like lots of folks do.)

VIRGIN ATLANTIC B747-400 G-VXLG Ruby Tuesday (I understand the colors are correct on this model)


N3424V 03-27-2017 10:11 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
To complete the Boeing Line-up

UPS B767-300F N744UP (Three colors make a handsome livery)

UNITED B777-200ER N796UA (Looking like the workhorse she is)

AMERICAN B787-300 Dreamliner N820AL (Gotta love first time viewers reaction to the wings!)

DELTA B717/MD95 N922AT

This odd one out is a Southern Air Transport L 100-30 N907SJ (A handsome model of a bird few could call pretty. This one has a moveable cargo door not like the painted on door I've seen on C-130 reviews)

Again sorry for the plain photos. I'll post different shots later. Comments welcome.


N3424V 03-27-2017 10:16 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions

Heres the correct 727 shot.

N3424V 03-27-2017 10:26 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
OOPS two!!

Here's the correct 747 shot.

N3424V 03-27-2017 10:28 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
OOPS Three!

Here's the correct 747 shot.

solicitor82 03-27-2017 12:45 PM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
wonderful stuff, mate! I really like the way you've shared the pictures!!! Is that the GJ Jetways in the pic with the AC A340?

N3424V 03-27-2017 02:44 PM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Thanks for taking a butchers, '82.

Yup, they're GJ jetways with the A340.


CBLSwizard 03-28-2017 09:05 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Very cool pictures and models. The lighting is especially sublime!

N3424V 04-01-2017 11:37 AM

Re: N3424V Collection Additions
Thanks Swiz.

Here are two more new ones.

I did find a B707-320 to finish out my initial goal of having a representative of each Boeing jet.

This is Gemini's American B707-320 Astrojet N8415.

According to some research I did the compressor hump on engine 4 shouldn't be on the model. American fan 707s didn't have compressors there. Engine 4 should look like engine 1. Anybody know for sure?

To start on Douglas birds, I've added Eastern DC-10-30 N390EA.

This model represents an interesting a/c. Eastern wasn't very successful with DC-10s and sold the three birds they had. This one was acquired by Continental Airlines in Sep-90 as N13067. This was the aircraft that lost a metal strip from engine 1 that caused the crash of the Air France Concorde in Paris.

I'm going to shoot and post a few miss-mash shots soon.


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