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SQ215 05-14-2021 08:46 AM

Qantas Special Liveries
Hey fellow avgeeks!

I’m on a huge collecting spree lately and I have definitely bitten off more than I can chew, but we’re gonna keep chipping away at it.

Qantas is the first airline I’m going to work with in this regard, but eventually I’m going to try and close out the majority of airlines that operated out of Perth (pre-COVID). I want every livery that has flown on every type it has flown on. If that makes sense.

I’m trying to build a definitive list of all the liveries Qantas has operated since the start of the jet age, including special liveries. Even as a self proclaimed QF fan girl, I get a bit lost amongst all the standard liveries before the most recent because they looked pretty similar.

Currently, this is what I have in my collection, and I’m looking to create a list from this of everything they’ve flown so I can work towards having them all!

A380 - “New Roo 2007-2016”
747-400 - “New Roo 2007-2016” (most recent livery this type ever carried)
747-400 - “Wunala Dreaming”
747-400 - “Socceroos”
747-400 - “Formula 1”
747-400 - “Rio 2016”
747-300 - “Nalanji Dreaming”
787-9 - “Silver Roo - 2016-present” (only standard livery that this type has ever worn)
787-9 - “Yam Dreaming”
787-9 - “100 Years”
A330-300 - “Rainbow Roo”
767 - “Disney Planes”
707 - “Have a Qantastic Christmas”
737-800 - “New Roo - 2007-2016”
737-800 - “Yananyi Dreaming”
737-800 - “Mendoorwoorjii”
737-800 - “Prostate Cancer Awareness”
737-800 - “2006 Commonwealth Games”
737-800 - “Retro Roo”
737-800 - “Retro Roo II”
737-800 - “Optus Zoo”
A320-200 - “Silver Roo”
717-200 - “Silver Roo”
Dash 8-400 - “New Roo”
Dash 8-200 - “Silver Roo”
F100 - “Silver Roo”

Any help creating a definitive list would be much appreciated!! It’s a big task I’m attempting!

DutchCollector 05-15-2021 04:30 AM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
747-400 Go Wallabies (VH-OJO) comes to mind

Depends if you count Oneworld liveries too.. Then there's VH-EBV which currently sports the livery.

SandborgAirport 05-15-2021 09:20 AM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
There is the 737-800 Rugby Lions tour model too

Charter 05-15-2021 12:58 PM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
And A380 "Go Wallabies" too

SandborgAirport 05-15-2021 01:09 PM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
You’ve also got
747-400 British Airways hybrids
747-400 Boxing Roo - London 2012 Olympics

Dash 8-Q400 - Taronga Zoo

767- Qantas Socceroos

Speedbird 001 05-15-2021 07:27 PM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
What about the QF 747-200 in 80ies cololours with Boxing Kangoroo....

LeoMuse747 05-15-2021 10:27 PM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
Dash 8-Q400 "Breast Cancer Awareness" VH-QOH

Abraxas 05-20-2021 08:54 PM

Re: Qantas Special Liveries
Some more from memory to add to your list
Note: some of the below haven't had models made of them.

A330-200 (EBL) oneworld
A330-200 (EBV) oneworld
A330-300 (QPJ) Mardis Gras #Gay330
A380 in the Dallas Inaugural colours
A380 Spirit of Australians
A380 in Qantas/Airbus hybrid demonstrator colours
717 Tassie Devil
717 Regional Airline special scheme
737-400 (TJO) 2007 livery
737-400 NZ rego
737-800 NZ rego
737-800 75th anniversary trans-Pacific flight
737-800 75th 737
737-800 Spirits of Australians
737-800 Cricket/Ashes
747-200 Brisbane Commonwealth Games
747-200 Boxing Kangaroo
747-400 We Go Further
747-400 75th Anniversary
747-400 (OJU) oneworld
747-400 (OJU) Boxing Kangaroo 2013
747-400 (OEB) oneworld
747-400 (OEB) F1 2012
747-400 (OEB) Come Play
747-400ER (OEH) Go Wallabies (underbelly)
747-400ER (OEJ) all red
747-400ER (OEJ) Socceroos
767-336ER Socceroos 2006
767-338ER Wallabies 2007
Q400 Visit Tamworth
Q400 Reconciliation
Q400 Breast Cancer Awareness

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