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phillip-w's Models for Sale/Trade List
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phillip-w has 10 models in his/her collection available For Sale/Trade Values based on current exchange rate of $1.05 USD to 1 Euro.
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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Part # Reg. Remarks Comments Price Contact
34571 Air Canada A340-500 1:500 0739AC C-GKOL  "2004s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo.    $0.00   
37575 Airport Accessories Airport Vehicles 1:500 526913 NA  Set of Three SUV Escorts and the Presidential Limousine, "The Beast".    $0.00   
37049 Airport Accessories Airport GSE 1:500 520638 NA  Set of Four Tractors (Two With and Two Without Roof) and Twelve Containers. Fewer Details Than 2008 Edition, No "Air Cargo" Titles.    $0.00   
2280 British Airways B 737-400 1:500 501354 G-GBTA  "Saudi Arabia - World Tail" Colors. Fifth Herpa Wings Club Model of 2000. Exclusive for Herpa Wings Club Members. With Plastic Display Case. Exclusive Series.     $0.00   
13614 British Airways A320-200 1:500 507196 G-BUSJ  "Water Dreaming - Australia - World Tail" Colors. Model 1 in a SET of 2. Exclusive for Herpa eXtra-shop. New Generation II.    $0.00   
6495 British Airways B 747-400 1:500 513487 G-BNLS  "Wunala Dreaming - World Tail" Colors. With Cockpit Window Frames. New Generation. Exclusive for Herpa Expresso Cafe.     $0.00   
13615 British Airways CitiExpress RJ-100 1:500 507196 G-BZAV  "Chelsea Rose - England - World Tail" Colors. Model 2 in a SET of 2. With Scaled Gear. Exclusive for Herpa eXtra-shop.    $0.00   
24351 Luftwaffe A310-300 1:500 517782 10+27  "1990s" Colors. Named "August Euler". Tanker. New Generation.     $0.00   
7131 Pan Am Express ATR-42 1:500 508056 N4205G  "Late 1980s - Billboard" Colors. With Scaled Gear. Fourth Herpa Wings Club Model of 2004. Exclusive for Herpa Wings Club Members    $0.00   
37547 United Airlines B 767-300 1:500 526722 N653UA  "1990s - Star Alliance" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. Exclusive for Herpa Wings Club Members.    $0.00   
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phillip-w's Custom Models For Sale/Trade List
phillip-w has 0 models in his/her custom collection available For Sale/Trade

ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Comments Price Contact

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