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wingtippy's Models for Sale/Trade List
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wingtippy has 5 models in his/her collection available For Sale/Trade
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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Part # Reg. Remarks Comments Price Contact
13 British Airways B 767-300 1:500 502962 NA  "Bloomsterang - Sweden - World Tail" Colors.    $10.00   
336 LAN Chile B 767-300 1:500 512039 CC-CZZ  "1998s" Colors. With "LanChile Cargo" Titles. With Cockpit Window Frames.    $10.00   
983 MEA Middle East Airlines A321-200 1:500 508711 F-OHMQ  "1990s" Colors.      
4213 Delta Express B 737-200 1:500 505857 N323DL  "2000s - Deltaflot" Colors. With "SkyTeam" Logo. With Cockpit Window Frames. New Generation.    $12.00   
14624 JAL Japan Airlines B 747-400 1:500 FS0332 JA8920  "Samurai Blue - 2006" Colors.    $27.00   
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wingtippy's Custom Models For Sale/Trade List
wingtippy has 0 models in his/her custom collection available For Sale/Trade

ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Comments Price Contact

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