Corgi Classics Ltd. United States Air Force RB-57A Canberra 1:72 - AA34702 - ID#7613
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United States of America
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Aircraft: RB-57A Canberra Scale: 1:72

Part #: AA34702 Wings900 ID#: 7613

Release Date: 2004 Disc Date: 2004

Status: Limited Production Units: 2300

Remarks: "363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Shaw AFB, South Carolina, USA 1954".
Window Code: W1 Box Code:  NA

Registration:  21457 Engines: NA

Approximate Model Dimensions:

27.72 cm
10.81 in

27.10 cm
10.57 in

6.58 cm
2.57 in

Classification: Military Next in Series: 0

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Last Updated: 04/05/2007

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