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Herpa 1:500 Adria Airways CRJ900ER  Hot E-mail
Wings900 Reviews Commercial Aircraft
Written by jkwan12345   
Friday, 14 September 2012
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  Slovenia's national airline, Adria Airways has a fleet of 13 aircraft, 4 of which are the CRJ-900ER and with another on the way.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Adria Airways
Make: Bombardier
Model: CRJ900ER
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 523004

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: The CRJ900, even though it is one of the largest CRJ models and far larger than the CRJ100 or 200, is still tiny. However, I am happy to say this mould is by and large a ver nice mould.

The shape of the nose is good; it is a good mould. However, the cockpit windows are a little off on one side, with the side windows are a bit high, and the middle windows are a little flat.

Moving back, everything looks great. The only thing is that the wings are not inserted, and there is a visible seam on the model. However, this is not such a huge deal on such a small model. From most angles, the seam is not apparent. Everything else looks great. I will note the special details:

There are nice indents where the main landing gear folds in. There are air strakes at the back underside of the model. The wings are VERY VERY crisp, thin, and finally the tail is nicely shaped. There is, however, a small seam at the top of the tail, where the horizontal stabilizer is inserted.

Otherwise, very nice mould.

Livery: The Adria airlines livery is very plain, although Herpa did reproduce it pretty well. I do think that the Adria titles are a little too light; they could be a shade darker blue. The lighter turquoise blue is also very nice, and finally, the doors are printed in this lighter blue which looks good.

Otherwise, this is a very plain livery. I don't have much to say about the model.

Details: The details on this model are okay. As I have mentioned, Herpa has been increasing the amount of details on their models, although the pace is very slow. I will note the details that are nice: There is a registration on the fuselage, the nose, and the bottom of the vertical stabilizer. I also really like the overwing exits that Herpa has started printing on many of their models. There is a nice star-alliance logo next to the cockpit windows, and the tips of the winglets are painted red nicely.

However, as usual, there are many more that could be printed. How about no-step here markings on the wings?

  Mould, other than the cockpit windows, look great
Herpa is slowly adding details

  There are two seams on the model; wings and stabilizers
Dark blue of livery should be darker
cockpit window problems.

Editor review: Nice little model, kind of a boring livery though
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
This model is one of the first on Herpa's new CRJ-900 mould. I think this is a great mould, that has many details moulded into it. However, the livery is not particularly appealing. It is a eurowhite, with only large billboard titles. Just like Finnair's, but in a different font.
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