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Herpa 1:500 Air Berlin Turkey B 737-86JWL  Hot E-mail
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Written by jkwan12345   
Friday, 14 September 2012
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  Air Berlin’s new subsidiary covers charter flights between Germany and Turkey.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Air Berlin Turkey
Make: Boeing
Model: 737-86JWL
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 523028

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: The NGII 737 mould is certainly an improvement on the NGI hamster mould. However, it still requires some work.

The nose is the part of this model that needs work; it should be pointier. Also, the indent where the cockpit windows are placed should be lower. The cockpit windows are decently shaped, but a bit high.

Moving back, almost everything is done well. The wings are thin, crisp, and the winglets are nice, although the thinness leads to the tips occasionally being broken or misshapen. There is a nice anti-skid bump on the fuselage.

Landing gear is okay. The nose landing gear doors should be a little shorter. The nose landing gear tires should be thinner. The main landing gear wheel hubs should be a bit larger.

Finally, the passenger windows should be larger.

Otherwise, it is a decent 737 mould; it certainly looks the part. Herpa just needs to work on the nose, to get that distinctive Boeing narrow body nose that we've seen for the past few decades.

Livery: The livery, I would say, is done okay. I think the largest part that needs to be fixed is the red under the belly; It is far higher than it should be. The belly's red should be very thin, and only along the very bottom of the fuselage.

As I mentioned in the GOL review, the titles seam a bit strangly placed. I think it is because the passenger windows are a little too small. The "Turkey" titles are very finely printed, and the titles on the engine are nice.

And a very nicely reproduced part of the livery is the airberlin titles that are printed on the bottom of the fuselage.

Details: Details, as usual, are lacking, but even more so than some models recently. This model has even less than the GOL model that I just reviewed. I do commend Herpa for slowly increasing the amount of details on their models. Almost consistent now are the overwing exits, and windshield wipers. Nice.

But I wish there were so many more. I think the registration needs to be consistently printed on the fuselage, tail, and nose landing gear doors. There are so many more details that should also be standard, such as air probes, markings on the cargo and pax doors, etc...

  mould is decently done.
slowly increasing details

  Nose mould
Pax windows a bit small

Editor review: Another AirBerlin model, another special livery
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
This is another AirBerlin model released by Herpa. Although I realize that Herpa is a German company and will produce most German planes that are out there, there are just a bit too many. This is a special "turkey" model; If you are an Airberlin collector, or Turkey collector, this may be a model to get. Otherwise, it's just another AirBerlin model.
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