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Herpa Delta Air Lines A330-323X 1:500  Hot E-mail
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Written by jkwan12345   
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
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  The 31 Airbus A330s in the fleet of today’s Delta are sort of a dowry from the merger with Northwest Airlines in 2008.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Delta Air Lines
Make: Airbus
Model: A330-323X
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 520935

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: Ahh - another NGII A330. These are a hit and a miss, depending on the nose mostly.

The nose is unfortunately not that great - the cockpit windows are a bit high, especially the side windows, and could be a touch larger. Also, the middle windows have a bit of a squint. This ruins the model's face. The window line otherwise is also a touch high.

The nose landing gear has now been shortened, and the nose-down angle is present. However, the support struts are over-exaggerated, and the landing gear doors on the main landing gear are oversimplified.

The wings are pretty well done. They're thin and crisply done, and the winglets are the correct shape. One of the best parts of the model, in my opinion, is the wingbox. The A330 wingbox is a very organic shape, and Herpa has absolutely nailed it. Combined with the laterally inserted wings, we have a very crisp wing. My only problem is with the leading edge of the connection of the wing to the wing box - on the model, it points out straight, while it should actually be slightly bent down. HOWEVER, they're gulled a bit too far upwards, like they're in inflight configuration.

Finally, the PW engines are pretty well done; the exhaust is moulded separately now, which is a big plus.

Livery: The Delta livery is a bit controversial - some say it is clean, modern, fresh, and other believe it's boring and eurowhite, and even others think it is a widget trainwreck.

I'm of the belief that the livery is quite good.

Herpa has done the Delta livery well. The blue on the bottom of the fuselage is crisp - what I mean is, sometimes at the ends (the blue closest to the nose and tail) there is some mismatch in the printing of the two sides, but it's very clean here. To my eye, the colors are correctly done on the tail.

But a triumph in the delta livery shouldn't be a big deal; it's so simple, after all.

Details: Details. Wow, are these lacking on this model. On a eurowhite model, details are even more necessary. This model has practically none - there's a skyteam logo on the nose, and that's all that's noteworthy. BIG downer, for such a plain model, details would have done wonders.

  Nice wingbox
Livery is reproduced nicely

  DETAILS! especially on such a blank model!
Cockpit windows
Wings are gulled

Editor review: A key model for Delta collectors
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
As one of the world's largest A330 operators, Delta is an important model. I wish there were more details; this is such a plain white model. Sky500 pulled off the Virgin Australia a332 (a VERY white livery) because of the details. Herpa needs to step up in this area.
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