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1:500 Southwest Airlines 737-300WL "Arizona One"  Hot E-mail
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Written by jkwan12345   
Tuesday, 22 March 2016
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  The 300 series has now become the veteran of the 737-only fleet. Nevertheless, the airline chose to retrofit them with the fuel-saving winglets, among them the popular „Arizona One“, sure to be remembered by many collectors.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Make: Boeing
Model: 737-300
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 506212

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: The 737 Classic mould that Herpa uses is the same mould they have used for many many years - the NGI mould. Like the NG2 moulds, it is okay.

Overall, the slender 737 fuselage is too...fat. The model is small, though, so this is not as apparent. The nose - it is also flawed; the best way to describe it is as if someone sanded down the 737 nose too much, and gave it a profile that is more "pencil tip" than 737 nose.

The landing gear - the nose landing gear is in the correct place (corrected some time ago), but the gear wheels and tires are too large. The main landing gear wheels are also a bit large. One nice detail Herpa included is to paint the outside facing hubcap of the Main landing gear, like the real thing. Nice touch.

The wings and engine - there is a tiny seam below the fuselage, but it really isn't apparent. A seam's a seam though. The engines correctly represent the classic 737 engines, and the winglets are thin, elegant and crisp.

The tail looks good - the vertical and horizontal stabilizers are thin. But that's what you'd expect when they're plastic. You also get some translucency.

Overall, not excellent, not atrocious mould.

Livery: This is one of the many special liveries that Southwest applies to it's expansive fleet of 737s.

Overall, the colors look good. This livery has many bright colors. The only one that does not live up to expectations is the canyon blue on the tail - that's because of the tail translucency.

Placement seems decent enough - it looks a little off in places due to the pencil-shaped nose.

The window line looks okay - maybe a tiny touch too high - but maybe that's just the angle I'm looking at it. nothing major.

Details: Details are lacking seriously on this model. We don't even have window frames here! The wings are plain grey, then engines have absolutely no detail, and the doors are essentially blank.

What details we do have are done well, though. The "Arizona One" markings on the nose are crisp and well executed. There is an anti collision light on top of the fuselage, and a nicely painted USA flag on the base of the tail.

  Livery executed well

  Mould is fat and nose is funny
details are really lacking

Editor review: Okay southwest special livery - nothing special
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
It's another southwest airlines special livery model. What's there to say. Southwest fans may enjoy this, but there isn't much drawing me to purchase this model.
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