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1:200 TAA - Trans Australia Airlines Vickers Viscount 700  Hot E-mail
Wings900 Reviews Commercial Aircraft
Written by kaitanium   
Thursday, 08 September 2016
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  In 1954, the Australian TAA was the first airline outside of Europe to commission the then revolutionary Vickers Viscount. In 1996, the airline was merged with Qantas.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: TAA - Trans Australia Airline
Make: Vickers
Model: Viscount 700
Scale: 1:200
Part Number: 553438

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: this one is a tough one to call since i am not a prop enthusiast or pro but outright, this mould looks pretty accurate. dihedral on the tail stabilizers look good. i personally could do without that nib on the top of the tail. if there is one thing wrong with diecast, its the fact that diecast cannot mimic plastic in fine detail (why do you think train models are a majority plastic?). herpa has some competition from hobbymaster but from what ive seen, both make some pretty viscounts. what i can say though is that the wingroot join is perfectly designed (even though you can still see it) here and meets the body without those totaly out of place, nasty seamlines we are used to seeing with diecast models.

Livery: can someone tell me if the cheatline on this livery is right? it seem as if the blue on the TAA viscounts were supposed to be darker and less of a sky/baby blue hue. perhaps they had different schemes, ill let you pros have at that one. the only images really i have are from the preserved VH-TVR which had a darker hue before it was faded. i have to say that the tail art might need to sit a tad lower and crowd that reg a little bit more.

Details: chrome body is a nice touch, antennas check. the props are painted like they should with the warning bands. the landing gear are rubber so thats good and the hub looks pretty decent since it seems to be a two piece look instead of a flat disc. im liking all the printed details on the protside as well as the beacons. cockpit windows seem to be printed accurately. again i can do without the nib on the top of the tail, not even professional modelers who build the TAA out of kits have that modeled in there.

  very accurate mould
im liking placement of the seam on the wing join

  color of the chealine (?)
dont like the nib on top of the tail

Editor review: very good model
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
i have to know about the model 100% to give it a full score. but for the most part, like ive said, things look pretty accurate to me.
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