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Model Database Search Functions


Model ID

In this search box, you can search the number of a model to receive information on the model. For example, if you wish search for the model with ID number “1”, it will search and provide the results of the model you are looking for and every other model in the database that has the number “1” in its model ID. If you wanted to search for the model with ID number “153”, it will search and provide you with every model that has the number “153” in its ID number.



This is a drop down menu beside the category name. Here you can search for every airline that has had a model created in its livery. If an airline hasn’t had a model made in its colors, it will not appear as a possible search query. The drop down menu is in numerical/alphabetical order.



Allows you to search for a particular aircraft type. If an aircraft has yet to be created, it will not appear as a possible search query. The drop down menu is in numerical/alphabetical order. The Search Type box allows you to select an exact or contains match.



Allow you to search for models made by a certain manufacturer.The drop down menu is in numerical/alphabetical order.



This will allow you to search for either “Civilian”, “Military”, or "Private" aircraft classifications.



Allows you to search for models available in each scale. The drop down menu is in numerical order.


Part Number (#)

Search for a model by its manufacture part number. The part number can most of the time be found on the box of the model. This search box is usually only used when adding a model to your collection or when looking for a certain model. Please be aware that not all manufactures use part numbers.



The “Registration” search box allows you as a user to search for a model by its registration.



This search box allows you to search for specific models comments and remarks. For example, if you are Disney fan, and wish to see which models have been made and have a relevance to “Disney”, or if you wish to see all of the Herpa Club models up to date enter “Herpa Club”.



Allows you to search for airlines by the country they are registered in.



Allows you to search for airlines by the continent they are registered in.


Display Options


Sort by

Sort the search results by the field of your choice.



This option allows you to change the number of results you want to see per page up to the value of 25.  



Using The Model Database Search





If you want to search for an Air France A320-200 in 1:400 scale, first select Air France in the drop down menu beside the category, “Airline”. Second, select A320-200 from the drop down menu beside the category, “Aircraft”. Finally, select the scale 1:400 out in the drop down menu beside the category “Scale”. This will bring you every model that has been logged in the database as an Air France A320-200 in 1:400 scale.




Database Statistics

The drop down menu controls what you want to see in the pie chart.  The other charts and graphs show My Collection and other database statistics.


Submit a Model

Allows you submit a model to the database that either hasn’t been added yet as no one may know about it, or to add it because you would like to see in the database. Submitted models are reviewed by the Wings900 team and you must be a registered user to use this feature.



Model ID

(Formerly: Wings900 File Number)

Previously each model in the database had a "Wings900 File Number", a unique eight digit number given to each model. This has been changed to Model ID, the number ranging from 1 to the highest number is now through the 15000s. If there are any problems with a specific model, or if there is incorrect data, please reference it using this number. In addition, if you are submitting photos please include this ID number either in the file name or in the submission for processing. This number helps us easily locate this model to answer any and all questions, and you can use this file number for your communication with other collectors.
Airline Wings900 uses the AeroTransport Databank as a reference for airline names. If an airline name cannot be found under the main drop down listing and a model exists, type in the name (partial or full) into the remarks field.
Aircraft Exact type of the aircraft including the manufacturers customer coding. Almost all aircraft will have their "aircraft" coding. There will be a handful of examples without it, however the majority of these will be fantasy models. Example: Malaysia Airlines 747-400 would be a B 747-4H6
Model Manufacturer All manufactures names are mentioned in the drop down menu. There are no additional manufactures.
Scale Model scale as given by the manufacturer
Part Number All models officially sold have a part number. Promotion, samples, specials, unlicensed releases and industry models may come without this number. We have done our best to locate these numbers. If you know of a number and do not see it in the database e-mail us at [email protected] with the file number of the model and we will adjust accordingly.

Certain Cathay Pacific models can only be bought through Cathay and do not carry any manufacturer number. If the model does not have a manufacturer number, we indicate 000000. If a model is a sample produced by Herpa it will come with a 0. If a model number exists and information is not provided it will include NA or XX in the remaining part of the part number.
Year Released This is the closest and best estimate to when the model first appeared on the market and/or annoucement. Most Herpa releases are by annoucement while other manufactures are by market date.
Year Discontinued Once the model is either updated, or the limited production has ceased, the model is considered to be discontinued. Models made with limited runs such as Seattle Model Aircraft Company and Aeroclassics are considered discontinued the same month the model is released.

Note: Herpa models may have been continued in an updated or changed version, if the model has been updated it will not say discontinued until the last and final version has been declared by Herpa. You will notice an Updated Model in the "Reason" Category.

Reason Model Discontinued If we know why a model was discontinued, it is indicated here.
Aircraft Registration This is only available when the registration is printed on the model. Some airlines do not want a registration printed, so there is only a generic model released. The database will try and bring engine and customer codes as close to the possible release as possible. Some models without registrations may not be fully accurate.
Number and type of engines When we do know the registration, the exact number and type of engines the model shows is given. Some models do have incorrect engines mounted, here you can check which engine it should be correctly.
Remarks Here you find all important information regarding this model. If there are any special features such as names, special liveries, or inaccuracies it will be announced here.
Pictures Most of the pictures have been taken by Wings900, retailers, and collectors. No pictures may be used for any use without the written permission from Wings900. Please respect the copyright.
Units produced Manufactures usually list how many models are produced of a select model. We do publish this figures to our best knowledge, however there can be some inaccuracies especially without the knowledge from the unlicensced manufactures.
Window Code The printing of the window line on models can be different.
  • W1 indicates that windows which are closed or plugged on the actual aircraft are printed as an outline.
  • W2 indicates that plugged windows are left away and a blank space is added. The window line represents exactly the aircraft as flown at this time
  • W3 indicates that there is a continuous window line printed regardless of the actual aircraft configuration. Please note that sometimes on a W3 window line one or two windows are "missing", this means the real aircraft does never have a window there.
Box code

Code for Aeroclassics packaging

Box Type Description
AC1 Standard box with square window on front. Comes in various sizes, designs and colors.
AC2 Standard without window. Sometimes with airplane picture or airline logo. Comes in various sizes, designs and colors.
AC3 "Canadian Style" cardboard box with square window on front and canadian airline logos printed around the window.
AC4 "Russian/Chinese Style" cardboard box with star shaped window and Aeroclassics titles on front.
AC5 Cardboard box with square window on front and "Aeroclassics made by 400 your craftsman" sticker.
AC6 Yellow-orange cardboard box with DC-9 shaped window and "Douglas DC-9" titles on front.
AC7 Light blue cardboard box with circular window on front and "Caravelle" titles on the rear side.


All-white cardboard box with "Aeroclassics" sticker for Aeroclassics first generation releases.


Beige-blue cardboard box with square window and "Aeroclassics" titles on front.

Code for BigBird400 packaging

Box Type Description
BB1 Standard cardboard box with airline logo and picture of the real aircraft on front.
BB2 Transparent plastic box with red "400 your craftsman" logo on front.

Special box for sets. Comes in various sizes, designs and shapes.

Code for Herpa packaging classification:

Box Type Description
B1 Dark grey box with 5 Herpa Wings logos, "Wings" printed in red
B2 White box with two Herpa Wings logos, "Wings" printed in red
B3 White box with 4 Herpa Wings logos, "Wings" printed in black
B4 White box with 6 Herpa Wings logos, "Wings" printed in black, scale indicated
B5 Industry box for airlines or promotion models, color and design varies, some with windows
B6 White box for samples, aircraft type, airline and production date sometimes handwritten, sometimes typewriter sticker or computer sticker. Old boxes look handmade, new ones are printed with or without window
B7 White box without any printing
B8 Box for fantasy liveries or promotion liveries using fantasy designs, comes in all designs and colors
B9 Box for sets, comes in all various shapes and sizes
B10 Tin box.
B11 Box for herpa "Yesterday" series with silver background
B12 Box introduced in 2002 with Herpa's new corporate design. The Herpa logo no longer contains the word "wings". Aircraft specifications are located on the right side.
B13 Box introduced in 2002 with Herpa's new corporate design for its "Yesterday SerieS" models. Same design as a B12 box except in Silver.

Code for Dragon Wings packaging

Box Type Description
D1 Standard Box, in the original style. Revised in 2003
D2 Promotional or Corporate Box. No specific design is necessary.
D3 Non-Descript Box. Example: Blank B 747-400
D4 Standard grey box. Updated design for 2003.
D5 Tin Box Example: Lufthansa Super Constellation
D6 Plastic Box
D7 Tucano labeled box, used for joint Dragon Wings/Tucano releases
D8 Box for sets, comes in various shapes and sizes
D9 TOMY boxes, for exclusive TOMY releases
D10 Standard cardboard box slightly modified design to the D4 box. Released in 2004.

Code for Gemini Jets packaging

Box Type Description
G1 Standardard Grey Box, with open flap on front
G2 Standard Non-Grey Box, with open flap on front Example: Qantas A330, JetBlue A320
G3 Tin Box Example: SkyJets400 El Al 732


Non-Descript Box, has no Gemini markings or front flap. Example: Air New Zealand "All Blacks" B 747-400



Aeroclassics style box. Used for models released in co-operation with Aeroclassics, using an Aeroclassics mould.

Standard Blue Box, with open flap front. Introduced in early 2005.

Code for Phoenix Models packaging

Box Type Description
P1 Transparent Plastic Box.
P2 Cardboard Box.
Code for Seattle Model Aircraft Company packaging
Box Type Description
SM1 Standard white cardboard box with square window and SMA logo on front.
SM2 Yellow-green cardboard box with square window on front.
SM3 Standard white cardboard box with circular window and SMA logo on front (DC-9 releases).

Special box for sets. Comes in various sizes, designs and colors.

Code for StarJets packaging

Box Type

S1 Standard Box
S2 Standard Box, but in special colors
S3 Tin Box
S4 Special Non-Descript Box.
S5 All White or Grey Box with minimal markings.


Plastic Box With StarJets II Labeling.