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Herpa Wings Luxair Bombardier DHC-8Q-402  Hot E-mail
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Saturday, 28 January 2017
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  In the end of May 2007, the first of initially three ordered Bormbardier Q400s arrived in Luxembourg, equipped with a fresh, new outfit. The virtually just as fast, but significantly cheaper turboprops replaced the Embraer Jets of Luxair’s fleet. The original of this Herpa mold novelty is the first “Q400”, registered LX-LGA, which is mainly operated on the route to Frankfurt.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Luxair
Make: Bombardier
Model: DHC-8Q-402
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 510097

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: It's about time that there is an all new mould to review, because you probabaly get the same drab review over and over again for some of the most common airframes. The nose of the aircraft is very well done and the cockpit windows are well placed in reference to the actual aircraft. The nose gear is correctly placed on the aircraft and comes with the new generation style gear instead of the old "scaled gear" which is a big improvement. The fuselage is very well done from the front to the back and correctly upslopes at the rear of the aircraft. The stabalizers are also moulded correctly as is the leading edge of the vertical stabalizer which extends to the wing of the aircraft. The wings are moulded as a seperate piece and are also very well done. The engines and pylons are moulded as a seperate piece and connect to the wings quite nicely. The main gears are of the correct height unlike some 1:400 models of this aircraft. Overall this mould is very superbly done and hopefully many more appear in the future.

Livery: You can have a good mould, but if the livery is not there to back it up you have a dud model. Well this is not the case with this model which carries the new Luxair livery. The Luxair titles are correctly placed below the window line with the lion logo printed correctly in front of the door in clear and crisp printing. The tail colors are of the Belgium flag and is very well done for such a small model with there only being minor pixelation in the wave of the flag. The Luxair logo is correctly printed on both sides of both engines which in addition the engines are painted which gets rid of the nasty plastic look.

Details: This model comes with a good amount of detail. The first thing you notice is this model carries the new generation style gears which makes a HUGE difference on the model compared to the older -8 models. The main gears are proptioned correctly to the actual struts without the model sitting on its rear end. The propellers are correctly done and spin freely with the tips painted in yellow. The exhaust of the engines are painted in black while the APU exhaust is clearly printed on the aircraft. The rear light at the rear tip of the fuselage is printed in grey which is a good representation of the light in this scale.

  Superb New Mould
Correct Livery Printing

  No Complaints Really

Editor review: New Mould, New Livery, 2 Thumbs Up!
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
This model is very very well done. The new mould is superb and the livery is well replicated. Hopefully there will be many more DHC-8-400 models to come as its models like these that remind you that went Herpa puts it all together they can truely come out with something amazing.
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