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Herpa Winter Service Vehicles GSE 1:400  Hot E-mail
Wings900 Reviews Airport Accessories
Wednesday, 03 October 2007
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  Winter can come! With the Herpa Wings winter vehicles, your airport diorama will be perfectly prepared for ice and snow.

We will also make your 1/400 scale diorama weatherproof. The set contains, like in the 1/500 scale, two snow ploughs, one unimog, one bulldozer and a deicing vehicle.
Review Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Scale: 1:400
Part Number: 560443

Design: With the NG GSE, I was really impressed by the quality and details of this set. Herpa was thinking of your aeroport diarama when they designed this set. Just like the detailed 1:500 set, they have movable plows and even comes with interchangeable de-icer.
Details: Taking advantage of the 1:400 scale, Herpa focused on adding as many details as possible. The level of details is simply fantastic. Moulded in orange plastic with painted wheels and details, these trucks and plows have the detail you want for your airport display.The level of details is simply fantastic. The only details or suggestion I have is to bring out different colors. White or metal colored Winter GSE would be cool.

Realism: Designed to be flexible for any airport diorama and a level of detail that is simply outstanding, the realism of this set is really good. With the movable parts and variety of winter equipment, this set has all the realism you need.On the other hand, like their 1:500 cousins and the "Follow Me" checkered cars in the other Herpa Airport accessories sets, you really only see this color at German or at best European airports. It would be nice to see other color combinations for these GSE.In order to really add realism to your airport diorama with these winter GSE, you will need some snow - like on the box cover. Any ideas on how to do that without making a mess?

Movable/interchangable parts

  Orange color
Winter-only GSE (where is the snow?)

Editor review: GSE that will make you want a diorama
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Overall rating
Mould & Assembly
Overall Impression
A winning combination of details and realism with GSE designed for dioramas. This set of vehicles raises the bar when it comes to 1:400 GSE. If you ever hesitated or didn't want to make a diorama due to Lego DSE, you no longer have an excuse.

A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. As the collecting community has been demanding better GSE, Herpa steps up and delivers this fantastic set of Winter GSE. Now all I need is a bag of 1:400 scale snow.....
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