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Herpa Winter Service Vehicles GSE 1:500  Hot E-mail
Wings900 Reviews Airport Accessories
Saturday, 22 September 2007
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  Winter can come! With the Herpa Wings winter vehicles, your airport diorama will be perfectly prepared for ice and snow. The set contains two snow plows, one unimog, one bulldozer and a deicing vehicle, all in the 1/500 scale.
Review Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 520591

Design: I was really impressed with the overall design of these vehicles. They look and feel like actual vehciles that you would see at the airport and best of all unlike the difficulties that other manufacturers are having these are actually in the 1:500 scale. What a concept eh? I think the design was also very well done in allowing parts of the plows and the de-icer to be either moveable or interchangeable which allows for greater flexiblity of the pieces so you can arrange the vehicles to appear as you would want on your display.
Details: For such small models I think these are very well detailed. The models are fully made and moulded in the orange plastic however the wheels are painted in black and have the additional silver wheel hubs on top of that. The doors are outlined in grey and the windows are also printed in the silver grey. My only recommendation would be some additional coloring on the plows in maybe black or grey to add a bit more realism and life to them. Otherwise I think these are well detailed enough considering the small size they are featured in.

Realism: I think these vehicles are well detailed enough. The moulding is definately realistic to vehicles that you would actually see in the airport. The orange moulding color though could be improved to a different color to make them a more realistic as the bright orange seems to be a bit unrealistic for all the vehicles to be in that color. The interchangeable parts especially for the de-icer really makes a big difference and can make it either a vehicle in park or one that is hard at work.

  Very Well Moulded
Well Detailed
Interchangeable Parts

  Orange Moulding Color

Editor review: Your Planes Will Never Be Grounded For Snow Again
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Overall rating
Mould & Assembly
Overall Impression
Overall these are well done and Herpa continues to be the leader in making airport ground vehicles. They continue to expand with different buildings and equipment that are of high quality that are some of the best in the industry. While they do come at a price, if you want an accurate diorama then these are the vehicles to go after.
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