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Herpa Military Hangar & Figures 1:200  Hot E-mail
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Friday, 24 August 2007
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  Herpa States: Fighter planes at air bases are placed in so called shelters or HAS (hardened aircraft shelters), the official NATO name, to protect them from attack. These protective buildings are made of concrete and are equipped with steel pipes to withstand the blast wave of a detonation. Replicated in the 1/200 scale with moveable doors you can now protect the more compact military aircraft on your diorama, including the Eurofighter.

Figurines and the display of single scenes enliven the diorama. The set contains a total of 24 figures, including two supervisors, pilots, various ground personnel, and two cockpit ladders.
Review Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Scale: 1:200
Part Number: 551670 and 551663

Design: Hangar: The two piece, pre-assembled design of this hangar works quite well. The quonset hut style hangar features four working doors (one of which came off as we were opening it); detailed interior (see below) and an optional rear entrance/exit. The rear add-on entry area we felt was a bit odd, but the piece is un-attached and is obviously optional.Figures: Extremely small! Seriously they are tiny, but the details of each figure is there. It is clear to see who is a pilot, who is a ground service technician; etc. Two ladders are included as well.
Details: Hangar: The outside of the hangar isn't too exciting - for instance the interior of the doors have more detail than the exterior! Inside you'll find some sort of hanging lamp and what we would consider an electrical control panel.Figures: All figures are moulded in a olive-drab green to reflect that of reality. However the printed details are minimal - a spot of pain here or there to represent a helmet, batons, or a headset. More could have been done.

Realism: Hangar: The hangar is a bit too small to house anything larger than the Euro Fighter; the wingspans of most moder military fighters are just too big to fit! However this hangar could easily be used as a building in a diorama for aircraft services or the like. Figures: Realistic positions and figures doing true to life tasks

  Hangar: Easy to assemble, good details
Figures: Good positions and array of figures

  Hangar: Too small for most aircraft
Figures: Lacking good painted details

Editor review: Good start to a 1:200 Military Diorama
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Overall rating
Mould & Assembly
Overall Impression
With most of Herpa's scenery, buildings and figures, you'll need to add some details, weathering and add-ons to make it work for your specific needs. the basics of the sets are good, but expect to dab a bit into your paint set to spiff these up a bi.
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