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Herpa Cargo Containers & Tractors 1:500  Hot E-mail
Wings900 Reviews Airport Accessories
Wednesday, 08 August 2007
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  This is a set of containers and vehicles to add to the Herpa Wings diorama accessories. Available in the 1/500 scale, it contains two tractors and a total of ten containers and ten trailers, each in different sizes.
Review Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 520560

Design: With Herpa feveriously working on various accessories the latest is a variety of cargo containers that will eventually be released in a variety of scales. This set comes with a variety of containers in different shapes and sizes that are permanetly attached to their trailers. The one thing that would have been better is if the containers and the pallets they sit are were seperate pieces which would allow for greater flexibility for the pieces. The tugs come in two different shapes an enclosed and open tug both which are well done. All the pieces connect with small little hooks that will allow for the various pieces to connect with one another to create a container train.
Details: I was quite impressed with the details on these pieces. The trailers all come with red and white warning markings while the conatiners themselves come with Air Cargo markings. In the future it would be good to see various airline markings which would enhance the realism of the pieces. The tugs have a good amount of detail with printed wheel hubs and light and grill markings on the various pieces. I personally would have chosen the pieces to be moulded in a different color then yellow such as grey which would give it a more standard neutral color that is seen at more airports throughout the world.

Realism: It's hard to gain a sense of realism in terms of something that is such miniature in size. The pieces are very generic however if they were a bit more realistic in the printing of the items and the choice of colors it would have increased the realism of the pieces. Also like most Herpa plastic pieces the pieces are moulded in a certain color instead of painted on which creates the plastic toy feel that seems to discourage many individuals.

  Various Sizes
Good Printing Details

  Plastic Moulded Instead of Painted
Very Generic

Editor review: Could Be Better
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Overall rating
Mould & Assembly
Overall Impression
It would have been nice if the containers had a bit of a greater sense of realism by using actual airlines instead of the generic "Air Cargo" printing which looks a bit tacky over the course of the dozen containers, and one can only imagine if one was to purchase hundreds of these little containers. The design and printing is sharp for such small pieces, and it's good to see a manufacturer willing to take the risk and produce more airport accessories so kudos to Herpa!
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