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Herpa - 1:500 - Houses Pool & Tennis Courts  Hot E-mail
Wings900 Reviews Airport Accessories
Monday, 11 September 2006
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  Herpa's latest in the scenix series brings us houses and some relaxing recreational scenes for your models. How do they stack up? Read on! Herpa says: "Let your airport diorama grow beyond the limits of the airport. Herpa offers the first accessories for airport locals. The set contains four semi-detached houses in the 1/500 scale, and you can start building your own adjoining suburb."
Review Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Scale: 1:500
Design: The houses included in this kit (4 in total) have a distinctive European look to them. With simple painted windows and doors they need a bit of weathering techniques to make them look a bit less like plastic. You can see the variety of colors included in the box. Remember these buildings are quite small, just a few cms square to be exact. The variet of color is a welcome addition, better than getting 4 of the same!
Details: ilting up the house we can see that there are no provisions for a type of light to shine through. This would be up to the end user to facilitate something of that nature. We hope Herpa would consider this in the future.

Realism: Minor details on the chimney and the distinctive European roof complement the set. Again some weathering techniques would help to make this look more realistic

  Variety of colors
Finally something outside of an airport

  Need weathering to look more realistic
No provisions for lights
Swimming pool & tennis courts have minimal appeal

Editor review: Houses just don't stack up...
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Overall rating
Mould & Assembly
Overall Impression
The swimming pool and tennis courts are strange additions to the Scenix series. Regardless we found the detail on the courts had been done very well.
The net and lines are all manufactured with precision. The swimming pool leaves a lot to be desired. It really is just two pieces of plastic. There are no simulated waves, no other accessories. The same could be accomplished with a blue piece of paper. Good try, but it needs some improvements. A good start but these additions to the Scenix series need some additional details. The swimming pool and tennis courts are a nice touch, but do we often see them near an airport? Not sure how these fit in with model airports.
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