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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Part # Reg. Remarks Comments Source Trade
3023 Thai Airways International A300-600 1:400 55151 HS-TAS  "1990s" Colors. Named "Yala". "With Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand.       
3199 Austrian Airlines A320-200 1:400 55339 OE-LBP  "1990s" Colors. Named "Neusiedlersee". With "Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand.    LHS   
3482 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MD-11 1:400 55296 PH-KCE  "1990s" Colors. Named "Audrey Hepburn". With "Northwest/KLM" Logo. With Stand.       
3531 Qantas Airways B 747-400 1:400 55077C VH-OJH  Third Version, "1990s" Colors. Named "City of Darwin". With "2003s - The Spirit of Australia" Titles. With Updated Grey Engines. With Updated Registration. With Stand.       
3675 Lauda Air B 777-200 1:400 560290 OE-LPA  "1990s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo.    WoW   
3685 Singapore Airlines B 747-400 1:400 560337 9V-SPG  First Version, "1990s" Colors. Named "Megatop". Exclusive for Singapore Airlines Inflight Sales       
4131 United Airlines B 777-200 1:400 GJUAL298 N799UA  "1994s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo.       
6388 Northwest Airlines DC-9-30 1:400 GJNWA481 N612NW  "1990s" Colors.       
10155 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 777-200 1:400 GJKLM400 PH-BQA  "2003s" Colors. With "SkyTeam" Logo. With Tin Box and Stand. Exclusive for KLM Royal Dutch In-Flight Sales.    inflight   
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HansieAMS's Custom Model Collection
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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Comments Source Trade

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