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Models Scale Pref. Paid Market Value +/-
3 1:400 $18.99
$54.59 $35.60
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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Part # Reg. Remarks Comments Paid Postage Source Trade
13268 ANA All Nippon Airways B 747-400 1:400 NA JA8957  "2004s - Pokemon" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo.    $18.99 8.00     
14847 China Airlines B 747-400 1:400 55184B NA  "2000 Dragon Millenium" Colors. With "Claire and Jay, July 16, 2000" Printed On Wings. Fantasy Model. With Stand.     $      
22587 United Airlines B 747-400 1:400 NA N196UA  "2004s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo.    $ 0.00     
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hannari's Custom Model Collection
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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Comments Paid Source Trade

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