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1:500 Air India 787-800  Hot E-mail
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Written by jkwan12345   
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
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  After the 787 program was delayed for many years, Dreamliner deliveries are accelerating. Since the renegotiations seem to be over as well, the first 787 will shortly be in service for India’s national airline. As one of the first airlines, Air India is scheduled to receive its first of 27 ordered “Dreamliners” by the end of 2012. Noticeable are the traditional window frames.
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Air India
Make: Boeing
Model: 787-800
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 520904

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: The mould review is by and large the same as the LOT 787; Herpa has not fixed the problems, but the gems still shine through.

Starting from the nose, the shape of the nose is well done. It's a simple shape, but Herpa has done it good. Like the LOT 787 they messed up on the printing of the cockpit windows - the middle two windows "squint" downward. Doesn't look great, but Herpa should be able to fix this, keeping the same tooling.

The wings, one of the signature features of the 787, are nicely done. They're a good shape, and the flap canoes are nice and thin. The engines, too, are well moulded - large with a thin cowling. However, the silver leading edge of the engine should be extended further. The pylon is nicely done.

The star of this aircraft is certainly the wing box - it is incredibly detailed, with the sort of "keel" box down the middle, and air intakes at the front. And the wings plug into the wing box without a seam.

The landing gear is accurate - not too tall or too short, and an appropriate thickness. The tail is nicely done too.

Livery: The Air India livery on the 787 is actually a bit different compared to the Air India livery of the rest of the fleet. Some noticeable differences - the stripe below the window line is missing, and there are no air india titles on the tail (on the leading edge of other aircraft). And, as signature on the 787, the engines are mostly white - supposedly to improve laminar flow - instead of the bold red with star pattern on other Air India aircraft.

Herpa has reproduced all these differences exquisitely. Additionally, Herpa has painted the fuselage in a sort of glittery cream. The real model, too, is a cream color - you'll notice the difference in the fuselage and engines, which are white. I think the glittery sheen is a bit too shiny.

Otherwise, Herpa has masterfully reproduced the detail around the passenger windows, and the titles are nicely done too.

Details: This Air India model I am happy to report has quite a bit of detail - here are the noteworthy ones:

-Indian flag on the nose
-the IATA logo next to the second door
-The 787-800 mark next to the third door
-the registration on the wing and fuselage
-the Dreamliner logo under the fourth door

However, otherwise it is quite plain. this model could use much more detail on the fuselage and on the wings; especially the doors. I'm also a bit disappointed Herpa didn't paint window frames on this model (probably in part due to the Air India livery).

Finally, something I would like Herpa to do in the future is to paint the engine exhaust two tones, with the cone being blue like the real airliner.

  The detail of the Air India livery (esp. around the windows)
Wing box and wing of the mould
The printed details are quite good

  Cockpit window squint
Too shiny fuselage color
Lack of details.

Editor review: A well delayed model; not as delayed as the real t
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
This is overall a very nice model; it has it's glitches, especially the cockpit squint which I believe ruins the face of the model. However, otherwise, there are only minor mistakes.
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