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Herpa Austrian Arrows F-100 1:500  Hot E-mail
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Written by Antesyd   
Monday, 02 January 2012
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  Tyrolean Airways Tiroler Luftfahrt GesmbH is an airline based in Innsbruck, Austria. It is a member of the Austrian Airlines Group and Star Alliance, and uses the name Austrian Arrows in its corporate group. Its main base is Innsbruck Airport, with a hub at Vienna International Airport. History The airline was established in 1978 as Aircraft Innsbruck by Gernot Langes-Swarovski and Christian Schwemberger-Swarovski. It adopted the title Tyrolean Airways when scheduled services began on 1 April 1980. The airline was acquired by Austrian Airlines in March 1998. In 2003, as part of an effort by its parent company to consolidate its brand, the fleet was partly rebranded as Austrian Arrows with livery changed to match that of Austrian Airlines. Airline operations, however, continued to operate independently by Tyrolean from its Innsbruck base. It has 1,599 employees. Tyrolean was the only airline to operate Dash 7 airplanes into the dangerous Courchevel Airport in France. //Wikipedia
Model Details
  Manufacturer: Herpa 

Airline: Austrian Arrows
Make: Austrian Arrows
Model: Fokker F.100
Scale: 1:500
Part Number: 515733

Model Review
  Mould and Assembly: This is a limited production issue.
A Fokker review. It is not every day I do that.
First of all I love the F28 family(28/70/100). The is no more comfortable aircraft in this class. But that aside there are some major issues with this mould and first it is the nose. It look awful. It is too short and fat. Then the landing gear. Look like it was from 1995. Shame on you Herpa for not updating them. And the (unpainted) engines with the ugly mould seam.
But I love the aircraft anyway.

Livery: One more Austrian... There must be as many Austrian Airlines/Arrows models as Lufthansa models out there. But there is one upside. The make good donors for custom projects.
This is a special livery with the text "Die Kronen Zeitung fliegt auf Austrian"(The newspaper Kronen flies Austrian). The text is nicely printed and so is the rest of the livery. But in the downside we find that the white on the fin is not painted so it is translucent and the blue on the engines is just coloured translucent plastic. It makes the model look like a toy.

Details: Details or no details. That is the question. In this case no details. The fuselage is naked. There are so many markings that are missed and so important feeling I use to talk about is not there on this model.

  Crisp printing

  translucent fin and engines
Landing gear crude

Editor review: Herpa Austrian Arrows F-100 1:500
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Overall rating
Mould and Assembly
Overall Impression
Nice subject and livery. But the mould is embarrassing in 2011...
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