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Step-by-Step Guide How to Create Blog Entries

Log in and click on My Blog Dashboard in the orange menu bar at the top. Then click on  . The Blog Editor will pop up for you to enter your text (if you are not a member yet, please register here to be able to write your own blogs). MyBlog can either be used for blog articles or for news. 


1. Title

Click on "Blog Title (click to edit)" to enter the title of your article. We recommend using a long title with as many keywords as possible e.g. "The First Herpa Airplane in the 1/1 Scale Goes on Tour" instead of "First Herpa plane", and using capital letters for keywords since the title gets the most exposure to other members.


2. Intro Text

Making the into look nice and appealing to readers by adding one picture and summarizing your article  is what will get reader's attention. The first paragraph of your text will be set as intro by default. Also use  (Add Readmore) to separate the intro from the main text. If your article is placed on the homepage, this will display everything above the line as intro.


3. Main Text

Click in the main text box to add your text. You can type directly in here, or import (copy and paste) text from a different source e.g. websites or Microsoft Word. If you are importing text from Word, click on  . If you just cut and paste the text, HTML or other formatting code may appear as unwanted characters in your entry. This button removes that code so the text will appear just as you typed it.


4. Add Tags

Add Tags to your blog. On the right side menu, click on “Tags”, the tag box will appear. You will see 2 options; assign and browse. Click on "Browse" to open a list of tags and select the ones related to your article. You can also add tags if they don't appear in the list. Click on "Assign" and create new tags. These tags will be saved in the list and can be used by other users, too. Tags allow other members to find articles of interest to them.


5. Add Images

Add images to illustrate your post. Position the cursor at the point where you would like the image to appear. Click on "Images and Documents". Then you'll see 2 options; browse and upload. Click upload and find the image on your hard drive. When the image is uploaded, you will see a notification. Find the image in your directory and click on it. This will insert the image into the text box. Use  to edit your image. You can change the alignment, dimensions, spacing, border etc. to make it more appealing to readers.

6. Category

Before saving your article, make sure to change the category in "Publishing Options". You can save it as a blog article or as news. Blog articles are used for individual members to blog about their interests and hobbies. News is used by companies and related businesses to announce news in the model airplanes industry e.g. new releases.


7. Save your Article

Save your blog entry by clicking on the "Save" button or the "Save and Close" button. If you click the Save button, the Blog Editor will remain open for you to make further changes. If you click Save and Close, the Editor will close after saving your article.


If you want to return to make further edits to your post, and you don’t want other users to see it in the meantime, click on the radio button marked Unpublish on the right side menu, then click the Save and Close button. Later when you are ready, click on the Publish radio button before saving again.


8. Your Avatar

We also recommend replacing your Standard Avatar with something a little more personal that reflects your own collecting interests. Your can do that by going here (login required).